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Motivating the Unmotivated:
Teaching Self-Motivation, Self-Discipline & Responsibility

The book used during the Motivating the Unmotivated workshop is available without taking the class. The book contains over 190 pages of practical strategies, techniques and activities for use by teachers, counselors, specialists and parents, including over 200 examples of application of the material by educators (K-12) who explain exactly how they used the material and the results they observed.

Amongst the topics covered in the book are:
Motivating the UnMotivated: The Teacher's Reference Guide

Teaching Positive Self-Talk

Teaching Goal Setting
Using Structured Sharing Activities Teaching Self-Monitoring
Using Logical Consequences Giving Helpful Feedback
Helping to Make the Connections Between Behaviors-Consequences and Feelings Improving Skills in Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking
Setting and Maintaining Effective Rules Using Positive Reinforcement
Five Steps to Building Self-Esteem Teaching a Feeling Word Vocabulary
Change Self-Defeating Student Attitudes Teach Students to Make Thoughtful Choices

Copies of the book may be purchased without attending
the workshop by sending $20.00 (USD) plus $3.50 for postage and handling to:

4112 Park Blvd., Oakland, CA 94602

You can also call in your order: (800) 688-9225

OR, please email us for further information:

(To learn about how to receive a master copy for our
inservice group video course, please click here.

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