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    Course Description

Effective classroom management is crucial to providing a safe, secure learning environment in which special education students can achieve academically, socially and emotionally. By attending this workshop, you will join thousands of special educators who have successfully used the practical, teacher-tested, research-based strategies, techniques and activities presented. Like them, you will be able to apply the strategies immediately and quickly see positive changes in your studentıs behaviors, attitudes & academic achievement. Whether you operate in a resource setting, a self-contained class, an inclusion program, or as an itinerant specialist, you and your students can definitely benefit from the tools provided in this workshop.

As a result of participating in this active, fast paced workshop, you will be able to:

Decrease disruptive behaviors Increase time on-task
Increase academic achievement Develop student self-control
Reduce teacher and student stress levels Increase focus and concentration
Increase listening & speaking skills Improve social skills
Increase quantity and quality of student work Develop student empathy
Spend more time teaching and less time policing Improve self-concept

This workshop combines experiential activities with lecture, large & small group discussion and individual planning. A 200+ page book is provided for use during and after the workshop.

Some of the strategies you will learn:

  • Use the Four Step Problem-Solving strategy for changing behaviors.
  • Continually focus on the behaviors you want.
  • Discover the real intent behind student misbehavior.
  • Provide effective, helpful feedback to students.
  • Use the Five Steps for Building Self-Esteem.
  • Maintain a positive classroom environment.
  • Apply the Six Criteria for Setting Effective Rules so that your rules really work for you and your students.
  • Maintain a positive classroom environment.
  • Teach students to set and achieve academic and behavioral goals.
  • Use logical consequences to decrease misbehaviors and help students see that they, not the teacher, are responsible for their behaviors.
  • Apply effective reinforcement to teach & encourage appropriate behaviors.
  • Use empathy-development activities.
  • Effectively manage transition times

Who Will Benefit from Attending: K - 12 teachers (and those supporting those teachers) working with students considered learning disabled, behavior disordered, developmentally delayed, emotionally disturbed & language delayed will benefit the most.

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    Comments from Special Ed Teachers
  • "Thanks! You saved a teacher" (Resource, Jr. High)
  • "I am impressed by the number of techniques I have readily incorporated; it has been a very worthwhile experience for me." (Language Delay/Disorder, K-5)
  • "Thanks for helping me end the disruptive behaviors in my classroom." (Behavior Disordered Classroom)
  • "My principal observed me using techniques from the class and was pleased to see that the money she approved for your workshop was benefitting the students." (High Schl)
  • "The things I am using are really impacting both my teaching and the learning of my students. Thanks." (Resource, K-6)
  • "Thanks so much for the class. It has made my classroom much more productive." (Middle Schl, LD/ Severely Emot. Dist/ Lang. Delay)
  • "Thanks to your ideas and workshop, I am able to see the light at the end of the tunnel." (High Schl)
  • "Taking this class has proved to be very beneficial. I am able to use the concepts in a variety of ways." (Developmentally Delayed)
  • "I am managing my resource room much more effectively." (High Schl Resource)
  • All of these activities have helped to enhance my class and have gone a long way towards meeting my goals." (Resource, Mid Schl)
  • "I found your class to be useful, relevant and thought provoking. I have been very pleased with the results of the changes I have made. Thank you." (Severely Emot. Disturbed, Jr. High)

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    About the Presenter

Bob Wack has a Masters degree in Special Education. He brings years of special ed teaching and consulting experience to his high energy, enthusiastic and informative presentations. He has taught at the elementary and secondary levels in general ed, special ed, remedial ed, and at two alternative schools, as well as serving in several consultative positions. As a special education teacher, he has taught in learning disabled, behavior disordered, multiple handicapped & developmentally disabled classrooms.

In addition to creating and presenting his own workshops on teaching special education students, self-motivation, cooperative learning, writing strategies, classroom management, conflict resolution and consultation and supervision techniques, he has conducted inservice presentations for numerous schools and districts around the US.

In 1984, Bob created Effective Learning Resources as a means to offer quality, practical training to teachers and other educators. He has trained over 24,000 teachers in the last 21 years.

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    School Site Inservice

Bob Wack is also available for on-site presentations on this and other topics.

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    Workshop Locations, Dates, and Times

Spring 2005 Schedule Coming Soon

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    Academic Credit

You can receive 1.5 Quarter, which is the same as 1 Semester, units or credits. Cal State operates on a Quarter, rather than a Semester, system, but the credit you receive will be the same as a 1 credit course which you might take from a university which operates on the semester system.

Official Name & # of Course: Managing Your Special Ed Classroom for Success EXSP 8415

Cost: $81, Payable to California State University, East Bay. This will be paid at the workshop; can be paid by check, VISA or Mastercard.

Requirements: Participation in the live workshop, plus a paper which will mostly describe how you used the information from the class. (Even if you are not currently teaching, you will be able to fulfill the requirements for the course.)

For Classes taken in February, you can take the class as a Winter class (ends March 15) or a Spring class (Ends June 1). March classes will most likely be taken as a Spring class. (If you need a grade before the end of June, please contact me before the class and we will be able to arrange for that to happen.)

California State University, East Bay has both baccalaureate and graduate degree programs and is accredited through the Western Conference of Colleges and Universities.

The credit issued by California State University, East Bay is upper division, post-baccalaureate (postgraduate) credit. The University doesn't call it graduate credit, because it is not automatically applicable to a graduate degree program in the California State University system. (People have applied credit from my Cal State classes to their Master's programs.) States and school districts treat this credit just as if it was graduate credit. I have never had anyone who reported that this credit was denied for salary increment. (For you Ohio folks who need to recertify, hundreds of Ohio teachers ahve applied this credit for that purpose.) I have on rare occasions received calls from people who have taken the class who have been told that the credit would not be honored, but in every case, once I explained the credit to the administrator, the credit was accepted. If you, or someone in your district, has questions about the applicability of the credit, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Registration for credit, and the collection of all fees relating to the academic credit, will take place the day of the workshop.

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Cost: $115 (Payable to Effective Learning Resources), if payment or purchase order is received before or on the day of the class, $125 if payment or p. o. is received after the class. $10 discount if three or more teachers from the same district register at the same time; $10 discount for first year teachers.

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Registration: You can register by printing out the Live Workshop form, filling in the pertinent information, and faxing or mailing it back to Effective Learning Resources as directed on the form.

You can also email registration information to us. Simply provide the information below in your email:

Work phone
Home phone
School name
District name
Grade levels

Method of payment that will be coming (e.g., check, purchase order, credit card).

We accept Discover, Visa, Mastercard & American Express. You can e-mail your credit card number, be sure to include the expiration date.

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