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    Course Description

Do You Teach Students Who Seem To Be:

Achieving well below their ability? Saying "I don't care" or "I can't" ?
Having difficulty taking responsibility? Lacking in self-discipline & self-control?
Lacking in self-esteem & self-confidence? Making poor decisions about their behavior?

Lack of motivation directly effects student on-task behavior and task completion, which directly impacts student achievement and test scores. By attending this workshop you can join the thousands of teachers (K-12) who have found practical ways to teach students to continually encourage, reinforce, monitor and motivate themselves. These teachers have taught their students to develop a sense of responsibility, to make thoughtful decisions about their behavior, set and meet academic goals, and build positive attitudes about school and themselves. They have found that applying these strategies has a direct and positive impact on student performance, grades and assessment. Most teachers apply the strategies with their whole class and report that they see positive results throughout the entire class.

You will leave this fast-paced, active workshop with a variety of reasearch-based, specific, practical, readily usable strategies, techniques and activities. These can be applied immediately, and will help you to:

Improve On-Task Behaviors Improve Student Self-Control
Teach Self-Encouragement Build Intrinsic Motivation
Teach Positive Self-Talk Teach Student Self-Evaluation
Improve Test Taking Increase Academic Time
Develop Student Responsibility Teach Self-Direction
Make Academic Content More Personally Meaningful to Students Focus on the Positive
Change Self-Defeating Student Attitudes Teach Students to Make Thoughtful Choices

This fast paced class balances hands-on learning with short lectures, discussion, and planning. The workshop revolves around some basic ideas that thousands of teachers have been able to implement easily and successfully in their classrooms, at every grade level:

  • We need to teach students to be self-motivated and self-directed.
  • Students can and will operate in a more self-motivated and responsible manner if they are taught in an environment that fosters success, provides opportunities for insight, allows students to see what power they have over what happens to them, and teaches students to make thoughtful choices about their behaviors based on the external and internal consequences.
  • Students are more likely to operate in a way that leads to success if they are more engaged and involved, both academically and non-academically, in what is going on in the classroom, and also when they see some personal meaning in what happens.

A book of over 190 pages is provided for use during and after the workshop, which includes not only information covered in the class, but also other topics, including rule-setting, reinforcement, expressive writing, transition time, logical consequences, providing feedback, goal setting, and lots more. The book includes dozens of reports from teachers (K-12) who have attended the workshop, telling exactly how they have applied the information and how it has worked. These descriptions are a real aide to understanding how the strategies work and are filled with wonderful ideas for implementation.

The cost of the book is included in the live or video workshop fee and is also available for purchase, if you cannot take the live or video workshop.

The class can also be taken via video.

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    Comments from Participants

Comments from Elementary School Teachers:
(To read what participants of the VIDEO class have to say, please click here.)

  • "This is my sixth year of teaching. I was beginning to feel 'burnt-out'. The wonderful knowledge gained from your workshop has given me inspiration. I feel excited to teach again!" (3rd Grade)
  • "One of the most useful, thought-provoking workshops I have ever attended." (5th Grade)
  • "Great material to use right away." (2nd Grade)
  • "It was interesting to see the results in children so young." (1st Grade)
  • "Thank you for getting this information out to teachers so we can meet the needs of our students." (4th Grade)
  • "Motivating the Unmotivated is one of the most practical, informational and inspirational workshops I have ever attended. Teaching Title I classes by definition means working with children who are often restless, distracted, irresponsible, unsuccessful and to become productive and more confident students" (Title I, Grades 1 and 3)
  • "This class has been a valuable resource for myself, personally as well as professionally. I have received a lot of valuable strategies which I have used and will continue to implement in the future; I was amazed at how well the strategies worked in the little time I had to implement them. I liked that most of the strategies can be implemented without much work on the teacher's part," (4th Grade)
  • "As a music teacher, I sometimes feel that there is nothing I can do to change a classes' attitude because I only see them for an hour a week. Your workshop helped me to see how I can make a difference and has enabled me to use the skills an techniques to make a better environment for my students and me." (Music)
  • "This class has taught me many things that have proven to be an excellent way to motivate my students." (2nd Grade)

Comments from High School Teachers:

  • "Directly addressed things to do. Practical & realistic" (Social Studies)
  • "Very practical and useful. Many of the ideas can be used to motivate and increase self-awareness in my students." (Math)
  • "Excellent! The workshop had so many uses for the classroom." (Biology)
  • "Many new ideas." (English)
  • "Good information, good ideas." (English as a Second Language)
  • "The biggest pleasure I have gained from implementing your system is in seeing the pride the students have taken in their work." (Computer)
  • "Your workshop has given me the tools to help students help themselves." (Alternative)
  • "Making these changes saved my job, or at least my sanity" (Occupational)
  • "Lots of interesting, valuable information" (Special Education)
  • "The tie-in to curriculum is great" (Math/Science)
  • "Thanks so much! It was an invaluable experience!" (Independent Study)

Comments from Middle School and Junior High School Teachers:

  • "I immediately used strategies from the class; I realized that I now could help students alter their attitudes, and that I had concrete ways to stop the undesirable behaviors. " (6th-7th Gr.) "One of the best, if not the best workshop I have ever attended." (Lang. Arts)
  • "I'm leery about workshops because some are drawn out & boring. Thoroughly enjoyed this! " (8th Gr. Math)
  • "Great info that will support my class strategies. " (Spec. Ed.)
  • "I have a plan for 3 things to use in my class immediately! " (Social Studies)
  • "I truly felt motivated to go back to my classroom and help students to take full responsibility for their motivation to learn & stay in school" (6th Gr.)
  • "Great - Thanks for the info!" (English) "I'm excited about trying these ideas out! " (7th Gr. Science)
  • "I learned so much and plan to use it immediately. " (Phys. Ed.)
  • "I was surprised at how easily the techniques worked. " (Spec. Ed.)
  • "It Works! It's only been two weeks since I started using your material, and I'm amazed at the results. " (Music.)

Comments from Special Educators:

  • "I came away with numerous ideas that have helped to alleviate my students' negative feelings about school. " (LD - Middle School)
  • "Wow! Lots of good ideas. I now see a ray of hope. " (High School Spec. Ed.)
  • "All of the activities I have used have been wonderful. " (Junior High - Self-Contained.)
  • "The workshop provided me with practical strategies that can be adapted to any grade level." (Speech & Language)
  • "I received information I can immediately put into practice, and easy to explain and share with other teachers." (Resource K-5)
  • "Great ideas - I can't wait to try them " (Behavior Disordered - High School)
  • "Good info - an enjoyable and productive workshop. " (School Psychologist)
  • "As a result of using your techniques the students are taking responsibility for staying on task, and their reading scores have gone way up."(K-12)

Comments from Counselors:

  • "I found the class and tapes to be very practical and useful. I was very pleased that the material was closely related to concepts in counseling. I found the examples offered in the book to be particularly helpful in incorporating the information into our school" (Middle School)
  • "What a timely topic for a workshop! The students with whom I work can greatly benefit from the strategies and techniques from this workshop."(K-8)

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    About the Presenter

Bob Wack brings a broad range of classroom teaching and teacher training experience to his high energy presentations. He has taught at the elementary and secondary levels in general ed, special ed, remedial ed, and at two alternative schools, as well as serving in several consultative positions. In addition creating and presenting his own workshops on teaching self-motivation, cooperative learning, writing strategies, classroom management, conflict resolution and consultation and supervision techniques, he has conducted inservice presentations for numerous schools and districts around the US.

In 1984, Bob created Effective Learning Resources as a means to offer quality, practical training to teachers and other educators. He has trained over 24,000 teachers in the last 21 years.

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    School Site Inservice

Bob Wack is also available for on-site presentations on this and other topics.

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    Workshop Locations, Dates, and Times

October 26, 2007
Holiday Inn Airport
15500 E. 40th Ave.

San Diego
November 5, 2007
Holiday Inn
595 Hotel Circle South

Cleveland (Strongsville)
November 14, 2007
Holiday Inn
15471 Royalton Road

December 3, 2007
Red Lion Aiport
7101 NE 82nd Ave.

8:00 - 3:30
Registration, refreshments: 7:45 (lunch on own)

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Cost for one day workshop: $140 (Payable to Effective Learning Resources), if payment or purchase order is received at least five days before the class, $145 up to the day of the class, or $150 if payment or p.o. is received after the class. If three or more teachers from the same school register together, there will be a $10 discount per person. $10 discount if this is your first year teaching. (Discounts can be combined.)

    Academic Credit

There are three options if you are interested in taking the course for academic credit. All fees mentioned on this page will be collected at the workshop.

Live Class Only: 1.5 Quarter (= 1 Semester units or credits).

Name & # of Course: Motivating the Unmotivated TED 7240
Cost: $81, Payable to CSUEB (Cal. State Univ., Hayward) (You can also take the course for one Quarter credit for $54.)
Requirements: Participation in the live workshop, plus a paper which mostly describes how you used the information from the class and how it worked. (Even if you not currently teaching, I promise you will still be able to complete the assignment.)

Live Class Plus: 3 Quarter ( = 2 Semester units or credits) OR 4.5 Quarter ( = 3 Semester units or credits)

Name & # of Course: Motivating the Unmotivated TED 7240

The way the non-live portions of the class work is that after the live workshop you complete the rest of the workshop on your own.
2 Semester: You will complete the rest of the class via audio tape.
3 Semester: Part of this will be done via audio tape and the rest either on audio cd or video (your choice). There will also be several simple related readings.

As you listen to, or view the tape, there are several brief in-class assignments which need to be completed. You will also need to write a paper that mostly describes how you used the information from the workshop and how it worked. (Even if you are not currently in the classroom, I promise you will still be able to complete the assignment.)

Cost: There are two separate fees if you are taking the additional credits, one to ELR and one to CSUEB
1) You will pay one $40 fee for the non-live portion to Effective Learning Resources. The fee is the same whether you take 2 or 3 semesters option, you will pay no more for the instruction for 3 semesters than you would for 2. There will also be a $20 deposit on whatever media you use (tapes, cds, etc.), the $20 will be returned to you when the tapes, etc. are returned to me.
($10 discount per person if more than one person is using the same set of media.)

Total to Effective Learning Resources = $60, $20 refunded when media is returned.
This fee can be paid by check or credit card (Discover, Visa, Mastercard, or American Express.)
(If 2 or more people use the same tapes, etc. the fee is reduced to $30 per person + only one of the group will pay the $20 deposit- one deposit of $20.)

2) Academic Credit Fees payable to CSUEB (Cal. State Univ., East Bay), check or Visa / Mastercard
3 Quarter ( = 2 Semester units or credits): $162
4.5 Quarter ( = 3 Semester units or credits): $243

The credit issued by California State University, East Bay is upper division, post-baccalaureate (postgraduate) credit. The University doesn't call it graduate credit because it is not automatically applicable to a graduate degree program in the California State University system. Almost every state and school district treats this credit just as if it was graduate credit. I have never had anyone who reported that this credit was denied for salary increment. I have on rare occasions received calls from people who have taken the class who have been told that the credit would not be honored, but in every case, once I explained the credit to the administrator, the credit was accepted. If you, or someone in your district has questions about the applicability of the credit, please don't hesitate to contact me.

California State University, East Bay has both baccalaureate and graduate degree programs and is accredited through the Western Conference of Colleges and Universities.

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Registration: You can register by printing out the Live Workshop form, filling in the pertinent information, and faxing or mailing it back to Effective Learning Resources as directed on the form.

You can also email registration information to us. Simply provide the information below in your email:

Work phone
Home phone
School name
District name
Grade levels

Method of payment that will be coming (e.g., check, purchase order, credit card).

We accept Discover, Visa, Mastercard & American Express. You can e-mail your credit card number, be sure to include the expiration date.

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