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Motivating the UnMotivated

The video presentation of Motivating the Unmotivated is available for purchase by a single school for the purpose of providing inservice to the staff at that building.

The three video tapes present a full day Motivating the Unmotivated workshop. It should take approximately seven hours to conduct the entire workshop through the use of the video tapes. There is actually less than five hours of video, but the video needs to be stopped while participants in the inservice would complete independent, paired and small group activities, including creating plans for the classroom and other uses with students.

The cost of the video inservice is $350.

For this amount, ELR will provide:

the three video tapes
a master of the 200 page Motivating the Unmotivated book*
directions for conducting the video inservice.

Bob Wack will be available to answer any questions and provide assistance, before, during and after the presentation.

We do accept Purchase Orders. Upon receiving an order for the video inservice which is accompanied by a check or Purchase Order, the tapes, master and directions would be shipped to the school within seven days. Requests for the video inservice should include the name and address of the school and the name of the administrator who will be responsible for the inservce.

If members of the staff wish to take the class for credit, there would be a small additional fee per person to Effective Learning Resources, as well as the appropriate fee to the University for the actual credit.

*Usually a school can reproduce the written material for less than what we would have to charge for the books; however, we can provide the books if it is problematic for the school to reproduce them. (We find that the latter usually occurs when there is a school with a very small staff.)

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